The Apache Spark Examples give a quick overview of the Spark API. They are a hidden treasure for someone seeking to learn about Apache Spark and its various components. You can download the whole set of examples from Spark’s Github Repository.

Lately, I have started building some of these sample mini applications in order to understand Spark’s capabilities and API command even better. Although the Spark Shell approach works, I decided to try using the community edition of Scala IDE for Eclipse release version 4.5. to build the examples without Maven. The 64 bit package includes ( Eclipse Neon 4.6.1, Scala IDE 4.5.0, and Scala 2.11.8 & Scala 2.10.6). Installation is straight forward but one thing to keep in mind that when the you unzip the file downloaded you only need to create a shortcut to “eclipse.exe” to run the IDE and you will  be using JDK 8.

For Hadoop & Spark I downloaded the 64 bits Hortonworks Sandbox v2.5 running on VirtualBox. Installation of the sandbox was straight forward on my Windows 7 laptop running Dell E6540 with Intel i7-4810 Quad CPU 2.8 GHz and 16 GB RAM. One thing to keep in mind is to configure the sandbox to run with 11.5 GB Memory and 3 processors. The remaining one CPU and 4.5 GB memory would be enough to run your IDE and browser if you are not running anything else. To connect to the sandbox via SSH I am using Putty.

Download Apache Spark & Sample Examples
       Create a New Project in Eclipse IDE for Scala
       Set Libraries Paths & Generate Jar
       Coping Jar & input data to sandbox
       Running the sample application & examining the results

Download Apache Spark and Sample Examples

If you don’t have it already, you need to Download Apache Spark and select the right version that works with Hortonworks v2.5 Sandbox. Here is a direct link to the correct release: Spark v 2.1.0 Dec 28, 2016 Prebuilt for Hadoop v 2.7 and later: spark-2.1.0-bin-hadoop2.7.tgz

Once downloaded and unzipped (I choose “c:\hd-proj\spark210” on my laptop) you can find the sample Examples as follows:  c:\hd-proj\spark210\examples\src\main\scala\org\apache\spark\examples. You can also find the Apache Spark Jars pre-built under the directory: c:\hd-proj\spark210\jars. These jar files will be used in Eclipse to build our mini applications.

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